Humble Beginnings

Doug Mohns

The Capitals first general manager Milt Schmidt said he acquired 21-year NHL veteran because the new team needed leadership and someone to guide the NHL newcomers.

Mohns was also a proven defenseman around the league, having played in seven all-star games, and was strong on the power play with an excellent shot from point. Schmidt was familiar with what Mohns could contribute to his new club since he coached the Ontario native in Boston for seven seasons.

"I thought by getting somebody like Doug, he would instill some of his way of thinking and it would be a great asset to us," said Schmidt. "Plus it gave us some real good experience, which we needed badly."

The team purchased the 40-year-old defenseman from Atlanta in June of 1974 and named him the team's first captain.

After notching two goals, 19 assists and a plus-minus rating of -52 in that inaugural season with the Capitals, Mohns retired. He ended a 22-year NHL career in Washington and still ranks among the top 25 all-time in games played.




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