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The Caps Virginia license plate is currently available for purchase at DMV customer service centers statewide or via the DMV’s website. The Capitals do not sell Virginia license plates directly.

A portion of the proceeds from the $25 annual fee (or $35 annual fee for personalized plates) benefit Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation supports the charitable efforts of the Washington Capitals, Mystics and Wizards. As these teams now fall under the Monumental Sports & Entertainment umbrella, aligning their causes and unifying their giving enables us to have the greatest impact on the community. MSE Foundation is committed to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and focuses on the following five pillars to maximize its impact on the community: education and scholarship, hunger and homelessness, military and veterans' affairs, pediatric health and fitness and youth basketball and hockey. For more information on MSE Foundation and to see the worthy nonprofit organizations that it has benefited, please click here.

When Your Plates Arrive

Return the license plates you were originally issued back to the Virginia DMV once you receive your Caps license plates in the mail. You can return your original plates in person to any DMV customer service center.

If you have any questions, please email or call 202-266-2200.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to order the Caps license plate?
The Washington Capitals plate costs $25 annually for a non-personalized plate and $35 annually for a personalized plate. These respective fees are separate from any annual vehicle registration fees. The $25 Caps license plate does not include personalization of any kind. This fee includes the cost to ship the license plate to you.

Can I get a Caps license plate for my passenger car, multi-purpose vehicle, van or truck?

Yes, Caps license plates are available for passenger cars, multipurpose vehicles (i.e., Jeeps, Blazers, motor homes), vans and trucks weighing 7,500 lbs. or less.

Can I get a Caps license plate for my truck, weighing more than 7,500 lbs.?

No, Caps license plates are not available for trucks weighing more than 7,500 lbs.

Can I get a Caps license plate for my motorcycle?

No, Caps license plates are not available for motorcycles.

Can I get a Caps souvenir plate?
Yes, souvenir plates are available. Fans can purchase these directly from the DMV.

I have a disabled plate. Can I get a Caps disabled license plate?
Yes, Caps disabled license plates are available.

What will the Caps license plate look like?
Please refer to the license plate image at the top of this page. It includes the Caps eagle logo in full color, up to six alphanumeric characters and “Washington Capitals” along the bottom of the plate.

How will the license plate numbers be assigned?
The numbering system for the Caps Virginia license plate will begin with 1001CP.

Can I personalize my Caps license plate, such as “WSHCAP1”?
Yes, you can request that your license plate be personalized with specific letter and/or number characters. The maximum number of characters on the license plate is six.*

If I already have a personalized plate and wish to put the same character combination on the new plate, can I do this?
Yes, you can transfer your current character combination to the new Caps license plate as long as it is six characters or less.

Does the $25 for a non-personalized plate and $35 for personalized plate cover vehicle registration fees?
No, your registration fees are in addition to these fees. After the DMV issues your new plate, the $25 or $35 plate fee will be included in your next vehicle registration renewal.

How much does it cost to personalize my Caps license plate?
Personalization of your Caps license plate costs an additional $10 annually. This amount along with the $25 fee will be charged to you in order to receive a personalized Caps license plate.

Is the $25 annual fee ($35 with personalization) tax deductible?

A portion of the $25 fee ($35 fee with personalization) is tax deductible.

What do I do with the license plates originally issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?
Upon receipt of your Caps license plates, please return the license plates you were originally issued to the DMV. You can return your original plates in person to any DMV location. Also, as a suggestion, please be sure to notify your insurance company of your new vehicle plate information.

* The combination of characters used to personalize your license plate must not violate the DMV’s personalized plate policy. The DMV reserves the right to refuse issuance of any combination of objectionable characters if they, in any way, carry a connotation that may be reasonably seen by a person viewing a license plate as 1) profane, obscene or vulgar in nature, 2) sexually explicit or graphic, 3) excretory related, 4) describing intimate body parts or genitals, 5) describing drug culture or use, 6) condoning or encouraging violence, 7) describing illegal activities or substances, 8) socially, racially, ethnically offensive or disparaging.