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10 THINGS You Should Know About ...

Mike Green

Mike Green was drafted by the Capitals in the first-round, 29th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. Last season the Calgary, Alberta, native became the seventh NHL defenseman to score at least 30 goals in a season and the first to do so while playing fewer than 70 games. The 24 year old was named to the NHL First All-Star Team and finished second in voting for the Norris Trophy.

Player Page: Mike Green
"Formula 1 racing" -- Mike Green on what profession would he most like to try

10. Favorite sport other than hockey?

MG: Boxing, Motocross and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

9. Favorite TV show?

MG: Entourage

8. What profession, besides playing hockey, would you most like to try?

MG: Formula 1 racing

7. Favorite book?

MG: Jimi Hendrix

6. Favorite music group?

MG: Jay-Z and Seether

5. Favorite food?

MG: Salmon or sushi
4. What is your favorite thing about Washington, D.C.?

MG: The restaurants

3. Favorite movie?

MG: Hangover

2. What was your first car?

MG: 1989 Honda CRX

1. What is your guilty pleasure?

MG: Chocolate