Washington Capitals Club 365 Member of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s First Star of the Week Christopher Bresnan (Pictured with his daughter Stephanie)

Name: Chris Bresnan

Hometown: Boyce, VA

Favorite Caps Player:All time, Adam Oates or Dale Hunter; Current, Backstrom

Favorite Caps Moment: So many to choose from! Dale's goal again Philly, Federov's against NYR, but I'm going with one game roughly 20 years ago in the old Cap Center. A friend of mine went down to the lower section to sit in a couple empty seats (I know, but I was younger). A nice lady returned to her seats with her two daughters and asked us to move over but she said "it's alright, you can stay here." Well, we started talking and she said I was sitting in the section where the families of the players sit and that her husband was #6. I couldn't believe it, I was sitting with Calle Johansson's wife and she was super cool! I've been to hundreds of games over the last 25 years and I've seen some great hockey, but that is truly one of my favorite Caps memories.

Why should you be the First Star of the Week: I have been a loyal and dedicated Caps fan for many years, my classroom (I teach high school science) is thoroughly decorated with Caps stuff, I've taken many people to their first hockey game and have turned many people into loyal Caps fans.

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