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Wey: Day 6 Reflections

Friday, 07.16.11 / 2:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Patrick Wey

It was a good week. I think everyone was happy with how it went. It’s never fun to lose, but all in all it was a good camp.

Last night was fun. I liked the tennis match a lot, it was different. I had never seen a doubles match or even tennis live, so it was good.

Now I’m going back to Boston College to lift and skate and I have summer classes right now. It’s back to the grind, I guess. I think I’ll probably take a couple of days off and then get right back at it.

But it was a fun week. I enjoy doing this and I look forward to next year.

Galiev: Day 6 Reflections

Friday, 07.15.11 / 3:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Stanislav Galiev

Last night we went to watch the tennis match and it was pretty fun. Like I said yesterday, I love the sport of tennis. Everyone enjoyed it, we had a good time.

Today was probably the best game for everyone. We all worked hard and I felt great.

I’m flying out at five o’clock. I’m going back to Russia for two or three weeks and then coming back here for training.

I want to say thank you to all the fans and thank you for reading my blog. Hope to see you guys soon.

Wey: Day 5 Reflections

Friday, 07.15.11 / 3:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Patrick Wey

Paintball yesterday was fun. I had a really strong first game and then I kind of tapered off. It was fun, though. I kind of cut myself up crawling through rocks and weeds, which was so stupid. But in the heat of the battle, you just get into the zone. I don't know what I was doing. There was this ref who said, "Come on this way," and I'm crawling through and my knees are bleeding. It was fun, though. And it wasn't as hot as last year but that said, I was still really tired at the end. It was Team A against Team B this year and I don't really know who won. All the games just ended because of the time limit. I think a lot of the Russians and some of the other guys would just hide in the back, they didn't want to get hit. Which I don't blame them for, some people got absolutely lit up. But it wasn't something they really kept score with.

This morning's skate wasn't that great for me, but I'm excited for the scrimmage tomorrow. That makes it that much more important. It's good to get the on-ice testing scores, because that's always an important benchmark to see where you're at. I'm looking forward to the player meetings this afternoon. They're always good for pinpointing where you need to go from here.

I'm really interested in the Washington Kastles game tonight. I'm not really sure how it works, though. I watch the big tennis tournaments and I play a little bit myself, but I'm not sure about the different format. I'm excited for that. My mom will be jealous, she plays a lot of tennis so I'll rub that in a little bit. I'm looking forward to it, I like tennis a lot.

Galiev: Day 5 Reflections

Friday, 07.15.11 / 3:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Stanislav Galiev

It was a great day yesterday. We went to play paintball and it was really fun. Our team won every round. Everyone liked it and some guys got bruised from the paintballs, so we laughed about it on the bus after.

Last night I went with Kugryshev and Orlov to a Russian place to eat Russian food, so everyone was happy. It was pretty good, everyone loved it. Dmitri Orlov was so happy, so I'm glad he liked it.

Today was a good day. We had an ice session and little bit of a workout off-ice. Tomorrow's going to be a big scrimmage and I'm looking forward to that. I'm a little bit sad, because camp is almost over. We're going to get ready for tomorrow's game and then we're leaving after the game.

I'm looking forward to going to watch tennis tonight. I love tennis. I used to play when I was 12 for five years every summer and I love the sport.

Wey: Day 4 Reflections

Thursday, 07.14.11 / 12:45 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Patrick Wey

Last night was pretty quiet. We played Tiger Woods again, I played 18 holes with Eakin, Stevenson and Mitchell. Then we went to bed early because of the game this morning. Dazed and Confused was on TV and that distracted us a little, I love that movie. But, it was an early night.

The game today went well. It was good for the white team to get the equalizer and win in exciting fashion. I think we played well and I felt good. I had one of the bigger hits of the game, but it was on my teammate. It was actually Pat Mullane, and we play together at Boston College, so we laughed about it afterwards in the locker room.

Today we’re going to play paintball, so that should be fun. Getting the win this afternoon is equally as important as getting the win on the ice this morning. Last year it was players from the US versus players from Canada and Europe and that was a blast. I don’t know if I have any strategies from last year, mostly I think I’ll try to hide well and stay cool.

Galiev: Day 4 Reflections

Thursday, 07.14.11 / 12:45 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Stanislav Galiev

Last night we had a team dinner and after we didn’t really do anything because of the early game today. Everyone was going to bed early. The game today was good. It was an early morning, so I think some people were still asleep when they came to the rink, but once we got on the ice they were ok. It was another good game, I felt good today and the team played well.

Now we’re going to play paintball. We played paintball last year and it was really fun. We played Team USA against Team World and the players from Europe and Canada were on a team together. I hope it’s not as hot as it was last year. I think everyone lost five or six pounds just sweating so much, it was so hot out. But, I think it’s going to be a fun day.

Galiev: Day 3 Reflections

Wednesday, 07.13.11 / 6:34 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Stanislav Galiev

Last night was a pretty good time. We went on a tour in DC, saw the White House and the Pentagon, it was fun. I think it was 98 degrees outside, it was pretty hot. I was happy to come back to the hotel, because it was cold in my room.

I don’t know yet how I finished in the on-ice testing, but I hope I finished in the top five. So, we’ll see what happens.

We had a great scrimmage. I was so excited to play a game. In the scrimmage I scored a good goal. I’m happy for that. It was a pretty good game for me and for my team.

Wey: Day 3 Reflections

Wednesday, 07.13.11 / 6:34 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Patrick Wey

The trip yesterday was good. It was hot, as expected, but it was good. I hadn’t seen the Lincoln Memorial before. And it was weird to see the Reflecting Pool didn’t have any water in it. I don’t know why that was, but that was interesting. It was definitely hot. It was good to get back on the bus some of those times.

Last night, I met one of my friends who is playing summer baseball up here and we went out to dinner. It wasn’t too much, because I think everyone was getting ready for the game. We went to bed early. Had trouble ordering a movie in the room, so we ended up shutting it down earlier than expected. But, that was about it.

The scrimmage was good today. My legs felt really good. It was a physical scrimmage for sure, definitely up there with the camps in the past. It was definitely really physical. I thought our first goalies played really well. They definitely kept us in it, because we were pinned in our own end for what felt like two periods.

In the morning, the skating went well. It was nice to kind of know what I was going to expect. Everyone was asking, “Oh, what are we going to do?” “Is it going to be hard?” “What are the different drills?” So it was good to know that going into it. It feels good to get on the ice and play games again. This is the first time I’ve been able to hit anyone in four months, so that was definitely a change. The scrimmage was a lot of fun. They’ve got a lot of fans, it was a blast.

Wey: Day 2 Reflections

Tuesday, 07.12.11 / 5:15 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Patrick Wey

Last night we went back to the hotel and had a team dinner. Then I went with Pat Mullane and Greg Burke to see Horrible Bosses, which I wasn't that happy with. I thought it was going to be a little bit better than it was. But it was enjoyable. And after the movie, we went back to the hotel and I played some Tiger Woods with Cody Eakin, Dustin Stevenson and Garrett Mitchell in our room. That was about it. I went to bed pretty early, everyone was pretty tired.

Today was a little bit different. We focused a little bit more on systems, and you'd think after three years I'd get it down. But it's a tough system and it was nice to have a little bit of a walk through before tomorrow's scrimmage. The skate was a little bit easier, which I think was a relief for everybody. Yesterday was pretty hard. We did some off-ice testing, which went pretty well. That was about it. I think the biggest thing was learning the systems today. I think that helps everyone out for the game.

I have no idea what we're doing this afternoon, it's a big question mark. I hope there's a covering over it, because I don’t deal well with the heat. I'm a pale guy and I brought a lot of sunscreen. It's cool to see the city, I never get tired of going on tours or boat rides. It's such a great area here. I like Georgetown a lot, I like how it's kind of a small-town feel. All the government buildings are really cool and I don't ever get tired of seeing the monuments, either. But I think Georgetown is my favorite part of the city.

Galiev: Day 2 Reflections

Tuesday, 07.12.11 / 5:15 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Stanislav Galiev

Nothing happened last night because we were tired. Again, I played a couple games of FIFA and I won and everyone got mad again, so I should stop playing. The team dinner had good food and then I went with Orlov and Kugryshev to get some pizza, so it was a good evening with us.

Orlov is a pretty fun guy. When he's tired he does some funny stuff. Last night, he came into the room, put his head on a pillow and lay there for hours.

Today was pretty good, the ice was not really tough. We did a sprint test and I guess I won, so I'm really happy for that. We are going on a tour of the city this afternoon. It's going to be fun and I'm very excited for it. Last year, we also did a tour of DC and we went to the Pentagon and then we went to play paintball. It was pretty fun but it was so hot, I probably lost five pounds.

The scrimmage tomorrow is going to be an exciting game. It's going to be fun and I think tomorrow there is also an ice test, so I'm looking forward to beating everyone.

Galiev: Day 1 Reflections

Tuesday, 07.11.11 / 5:01 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Stanislav Galiev

We were all excited to see each other back at camp again since last year. I was happy to see Cody and my Russian friends Orlov and Kugryshev. I was glad to see the coaching staff again too. I also met for the first time my roommate Kyle Follmer, but he seems like a good guy, pretty funny too.

Last night at the hotel we had a good dinner and afterwards I went over to Orlov and Kugryshev's room to play FIFA Soccer but since I beat them every time they got mad at me and just said "get out and goodnight." There is no point in playing against me - I always win.

When my alarm went off and it was time to get up I was just really excited to start today and I woke up really early...I couldn't even go to sleep. I was awake at like seven in the morning, just excited to get on the ice for our first physical session.

After today's session I felt good. It was a pretty tough practice, tough skate, but I'm happy to be here and just excited. I also just finished my season on May 29th, so I feel like I'm in pretty good shape.

Wey: Day 1 Reflections

Tuesday, 07.11.11 / 5:01 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Patrick Wey

Since first arriving for camp, I was happy to see that a familiar face, Cody Eakin, was going to be my roommate for this week's development camp. I've known him from the camps before and playing with him in the juniors. He's a great guy, a really good kid... we already got a chance to bond on our first night over a little Entourage.

When I woke up this morning I was a bit tired, but excited to take on the day. I didn't have too many thoughts, I was kind of like a zombie, but definitely ready to get on the ice.

And Now that the first day is done I can say it went pretty well on the ice, toward the end my legs started to lock up a bit, so I wasn't great toward the end, but it went pretty well. The one thing I needed to work on were my passes, they weren't too crisp, but that's to be expected in the middle of the summer.