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Schilling: Day 6

Saturday, 07.14.12 / 2:38 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Cam Schilling

Yesterday we ended the scrimmage at about 2 p.m. We headed back to the hotel, I took a nap for an hour, woke up and we [Patrick Wey, Barry Almeida and T.J. Syner] decided to head over to Georgetown. We figured out the metro and how to get there. [It didn’t take] too long [to figure the metro out].

Last time I was here I did it, so I had a little bit of an idea, but it took a little bit. I knew we were going to the Foggy Bottom stop, so we ended up out there. We had dinner out there, did a little shopping but not too much. We decided to rent those bikes and bike back. That was an interesting time, but fun. We decided to switch it up and go the bike route to see through there. After that we were pretty tired so we just headed back upstairs to the room and me and Wey watched a little bit of TV, then fell asleep. This morning we probably woke up about 8 a.m., headed down to breakfast and came over here [the rink] for pre-game stuff, stretching, pre-game meetings, stuff like that, then we had the scrimmage.

I thought the scrimmage went pretty well, it was a good high pace, fight there, good for the fans. It went to overtime and our team [Team White] lost, which was not good, but overall it was a good time. Camp overall was a great experience, a lot of great kids here, getting to know everybody, the staff here and getting to know the city, stuff like that. It was just a great time overall. The rest of the summer I’m headed back to Detroit and I’m going to train out there with a couple guys from college then just enjoy the summer, train and relax and start getting on the ice soon and come into training camp here [D.C.]. I don’t know [where I’ll be starting in the fall], I’m just going to come out, come back here, go to training camp and just see what they feel is the best fit. .

Wilson: Day 6

Saturday, 07.14.12 / 2:31 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Tom Wilson

Yesterday after the scrimmage we went back, hung out for a bit, did meetings, then me and a couple of the boys went to see The Amazing Spiderman at 4:20 p.m. at the theater and killed some time. It was a really good movie, a lot of the guys liked Emma Stone, I think that was the big hit in that movie. Other than that, we just went back for a good meal right after and shut it down because we knew we were going to have the big game today. We woke up this morning and packed up which was a little sad.

We went over for our final breakfast and came to the rink. It was a pretty special morning, with all the fans here it was unbelievable to see how packed the building was in the middle of the summer. I have a lot of respect for the fans that came out, it was great to see that as a player there was a lot of support. Now I just have a couple of media stuff to do, then I’m hopping on a plane to go back to Toronto and in a couple weeks I’m off to Russia for the World Juniors Camp and that should be a fun finish to my summer. [Next season] I’ll be back in Plymouth probably and just hoping to put together a good season there. [The scrimmage] went well, it was another competitive scrimmage. It was good that we [Team Red] tied it up there at the end and made it a little bit more exciting when it went into overtime and [Greg] Miller, my roomie, I was really happy for him, he buried the OT winner and was the hero, so that was pretty cool. .

Schilling: Day 5

Friday, 07.13.12 / 6:34 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Cam Schilling

Yesterday after the scrimmage we went and ate dinner at Chipotle. Me and Scott Darling, the goalie in there. We also played juniors together. We talked there for a little while then I went up to my room and watched TV for a little bit, then me and [Patrick] Wey decided to go to 7-Eleven to get a couple snacks.

We headed back to the room and I had an early night's sleep, probably fell asleep around 9:45 p.m. This morning we woke up, had breakfast at about 7:30 a.m. then headed over here to the rink, taped some sticks and stretched a little bit. We had a team stretch for everybody, got the team stretch out of the way and came back in the locker room and got ready for the scrimmage. I thought the scrimmage was pretty good today, my team had a little bit more legs, little bit more rest from the days in the past so we won, 4-1, so it was a good day for us.

Then tomorrow I think we both have two games a piece, so it should be a good match up tomorrow. Right now I'm about to go have lunch upstairs. [After lunch] we have individual meetings with Nemo [strength and conditioning coach Mark Nemish], then with the coaches and stuff, so everybody's got different time spots throughout the day. Then me and Wey were thinking about going to a movie matinee, so we'll see how much time we have after our meetings to see if that works out. I don't know [what we're going to see]. We have a couple different options, he's seen a lot of the movies that are out, so we'll kind of just have to show up and see if he wants to see a movie again or if there's a new one out that he hasn't seen, so I'll let you guys know tomorrow.

When we went bowling we took a little bit of a tour [of D.C.], but I haven't been able to go all the way into D.C. because I haven't had too much time. Obviously today might be a good day with more time, so we might be able to go down there and walk around, seeing what time permits. When we went bowling we got to see the city a little bit, but not too much.

Wilson: Day 5

Friday, 07.13.12 / 6:10 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Tom Wilson

Yesterday I just pretty much went back to the hotel again, nothing too crazy. We had a good meal and shut it down early. We knew we had to wake up for a big game this morning. [This morning] we had a good breakfast and came to the scrimmage. Unfortunately we lost, but it'll be good to get the deciding game under our belt tomorrow morning in front of what should be a good crowd. We're just going to have our meetings now then have a good lunch and we're going to see a movie or do something fun tonight. I don't know [what we're going to see], maybe Savages. I think a lot of the guys want to see Blake Lively, so it should be good with that. I think that's definitely the popular vote.

When we went down for the bowling, not yesterday but the day before, we got a little tour of downtown so we saw Capitol Hill and the White House which was definitely cool for a Canadian kid. Camp's going great. I'm kind of sad to see that tomorrow's our last day, it's been good getting to know a lot of the guys. I'm definitely going to be sad to see Millsy [Greg Miller], my roommate go, but it's definitely been a fun, competitive camp and I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to Washington as soon as possible.

Schilling: Day 4

Thursday, 07.12.12 / 3:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Cam Schilling

Yesterday after practice we went over to the balcony upstairs on rink two and listened to a sports psychologist for a while, probably about an hour and a half, and got some good information from him. After that we all went downstairs to the ground level and went bowling at Lucky Strike.

We had a good time there, a lot of appetites, a lot of food. Guys were hungry after they skated. It was a good time bowling and the highest score was probably 175. I think [Brant] Harris got that, so that was a pretty good time; he was a pretty good bowler. Then after that we headed back to the hotel and had some dinner, then me and a couple guys from Hershey again went and hung out at my buddy’s place who lives here in D.C. until about 10 and then headed back to the hotel. We watched a little bit of TV, went to bed and woke up this morning. Today we woke up around 7:20 a.m. again and headed to the rink.

We were on the ice first, so we got on the ice and had some drills, had some three-on-twos, some two-on-ones, two-on-twos, stuff like that. We got off the ice, went over to the workout room and didn’t do our workout today but Nemo [strength and conditioning coach Mark Nemish] was teaching us some different things for off-ice training. We had a really good stretch to make sure our hip flexors were good to go and after that headed upstairs for lunch. After lunch we had an hour and a half, hour 45-minute break before we were allowed back in the rink for the scrimmage, so after that we just got dressed for the scrimmage.

It’s [development camp] good. It’s tiring, there’s a lot of skating, a lot of training with early mornings and stuff like that but overall it’s been a great experience to get all the information and the good scrimmages which are a good high pace, so it’s been good. Bowling was good; my first game I bowled a 126, it wasn’t bad. I started out with a couple strikes, thought I was going to bowl the game of my life, but it kind of went downhill from there. I still bowled over a 100 so I’ll take that, but yeah, it was good.

Wilson: Day 4

Thursday, 07.12.12 / 1:30 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Tom Wilson

Yesterday after lunch the guys went bowling. I was a little rusty at first. It was cool to see which guys were actually good at bowling. [Brant] Harris kind of stole the show with a couple good rounds. It was really fun and the lanes were really nice. It was cool to change it up and do something different with the guys.

I had dinner in the room again. Millsy [Greg Miller] and I watched the movie ‘Contraband’ with Mark Wahlberg. It was a good flick. He’s pretty tough in that movie too. Some guys are going after his family and he's not having any of it. That was fun, but we had to shut it down early because today was gonna be a longer day.

I woke up and had a good breakfast this morning and a good skate. It was a pretty strong scrimmage today. Team Red, we kind of stole it. I got a nice goal in. Luckily, I was called for a penalty shot and buried it, so that was definitely fun, especially in front of a pretty good crowd today, so that was a definite highlight.

Tonight might be a night to go out and see more of Washington, D.C. We have meetings tomorrow but nothing really later in the day. On the way down to bowling we did get to check out the monuments. I got to see the White House and Capitol Hill and stuff like that. As a Canadian, that's really cool to see in person since I've never been to Washington, D.C., before. On the other hand, I could end up going back to the room and having a quiet night, that game today was pretty tough.

Schilling: Day 3

Wednesday, 07.11.12 / 4:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Cam Schilling

Last night me and a couple buddies from Juniors, a couple guys here [T.J. Syner, Scott Darling and Barry Almeida] met up with a buddy who lives around here. We went out to dinner with him at Ted's Montana Grill and then headed back to the room again. It was probably about 8 p.m. by time we got done with dinner and everything. We just went up there, watched some TV, hung out, talked to my roommate [Patrick] Wey for a little while, went on the internet and then probably fell asleep about 11.

This morning I woke up at 7:20 a.m., went down for breakfast then came over to the rink and got dressed for warm ups. My group had to lift first, so we got the lift out of the way and did a little stretching after. The lift was mainly core stuff, it was a good lift. We did a little testing too, a 20 yard dash, then we got changed and came back on the ice.

We started on the B-pad [Sidera rink], did some good drills, did some one-on-ones out of the corners, did some two-on-ones, some good flow stuff then came over to the other rink [Capitals rink] and worked on some more system stuff. We did some three-on-twos, some neutral zone stuff and now I'm about to head back over for lunch and we’re going to go bowling tonight.

Patrick Wey's a great kid, it's awesome [being roommates]. We have a little bonding time in the room every time we go back at night. I played against him in juniors and played against him in college too, so we've crossed paths a little bit. But it's good, you know, watching TV and stuff like that.

[The area] is good. I was fortunate to be able to be up here for a couple weeks at the end of the season last year, so I kinda got a little bit acclimated to the area. I like it, there's a lot of restaurants around, our hotel's great. It's a good atmosphere, we got the fans here every day so it's a good time.

Wilson: Day 3

Wednesday, 07.11.12 / 12:44 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Tom Wilson

Last night I went back to the hotel again, had a good meal and pretty much just the same sort of thing. I went back to the room and it was pretty tiring since it was a busy day. We watched the MLB All-Star Game a little bit, cruised the net a little bit on the laptops and shut it down pretty early.

We woke up this morning but the alarms didn't go off right on time so we were frantic getting over to the rink, but it worked out and we made it on time. We had a pretty tough skate and learned a lot of stuff this morning then went in for a workout. We're about to head out for lunch and we have team bowling tonight so that should be fun.

Today's a bit of a day off, no scrimmage and done the workouts, but we'll be bowling for a couple hours tonight and we'll see how that goes. It's been great [rooming with Millsy]. We get along really well, so we're definitely building a friendship there. He's a funny guy, nothing negative to say about that guy. He's a beauty.

I haven't had a ton of time to look around, but I'm looking forward to doing that later in the week, but so far I love Washington. From what I've seen the fans are great; everything's been really fun.

Schilling: Day 2

Tuesday, 07.10.12 / 4:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Cam Schilling

Last night I went to dinner probably around 6 or 6:30 p.m., ate dinner then basically just headed back up to the room and kind of just hung out, watched TV, went on the internet and surfed the web just trying to kill time. Everybody was pretty tired after the first day, so it was good to just get in there and fall asleep pretty early because we had an early start to the next day.

Today [Tuesday] we woke up about 6:45 a.m., had breakfast at 7 and just came to the rink, hung out around here and stretched out a little bit to try to get the soreness out. After that, we warmed up as a whole group. My group was on the ice first, so we went on the ice and did about 15 minutes of testing and got into our testing.

We did four skating tests which took about an hour approximately, then we got back in the locker room, changed, went back in the weight room and did about an hour, hour fifteen minute workout then we were good to have lunch, which was probably around 12:45 p.m. We had a good lunch upstairs then we had about an hour and a half to kill before we were allowed back here for the scrimmage.

We came here probably around 1:15, stretched out and everybody warmed up as a team then we got dressed and came out here for the scrimmage. I’m feeling good, the soreness is still there obviously. We didn’t really have practice today because it was the testing, so it wasn’t much practice but the game was good.

I thought it was good pace, good talent out there, good plays. Everyone was making good plays. I thought it was a good team. We had a couple guys who got banged up, but overall I think it was a good, successful day. I have a buddy who lives in town so now me and a couple guys who played Juniors with him might go out to dinner with him, but that’s about it.

Wilson: Day 2

Tuesday, 07.10.12 / 4:20 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Tom Wilson

Last night I ended up going back to the hotel and grabbing a bite to eat with all the guys. Everyone was pretty tired so I actually ended up going back to my room and watching the Home Run Derby with [Greg] Miller. We were cheering for Jose Bautista, but obviously he lost in the finals to Prince Fielder. It was a long Home Run Derby, but we managed to stay up for the whole thing and then shut it down because we knew we had to be up early.

I woke up this morning and had a little later breakfast than yesterday, but it was really good. All of the meals have been unbelievable here. After that we went over to the rink at Kettler and did some on-ice testing. It was fun I guess, but it’s not really my biggest strength. It was fun to have the time gates out there though. It was definitely a unique experience and all of the guys were trying to have as much fun with it as they could but it was a tough workout today.

We had some really good sandwiches for lunch today and we got to eat them up top, kind of looking over the rink, which was nice. We had a little bit of time to settle down and relax before the scrimmage so some of the guys went back to the hotel, but I stayed in the players’ lounge and watched some funny sports bloopers on SportsNet and just got ready for the last part of practice. It’s been a pretty hard day, but fun.

I think guys are getting more comfortable today and able to make more plays. It was obviously a longer game today, so we got pretty tired and had to go to 4-v-4 towards the end. I think we get a bit of a break tomorrow because there isn’t a scrimmage, so I’m going to have to talk to Miller and see if he wants to check out a movie or something. I know some of the guys did that last night.

Schilling: Day 1

Monday, 07.09.12 / 2:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Cam Schilling

I got in last night [Sunday] or yesterday, probably around 12 or 1 p.m. I came to the rink; Ian [Anderson, team services manager] dropped me off here [Kettler]. I had to fill out the physical form which took about 10-15 minutes, then we had to grab a bite to eat before we had to do testing, so we went and got Chipotle.

I went to my hotel to drop my stuff off and ended up having to come right back here to do some physicals. Half of the guys had already done physicals, but I hadn’t done mine yet. I had to do my actual physical, like my physical, like doctor physical, then did physical testing after. I probably got done around 6 or 6:30 p.m. so it took a while. Once I got done with that I basically took a couple of guys I had in Hershey who I hung out with and we kind of just walked around a little bit, maybe half hour, 45 minutes.

Everybody was pretty tired from the travel day so we just ended up going back to the hotel and watching TV and going to sleep pretty early because we had an early rise. Patrick Wey is my roommate this year; he's a good guy. We had quality time in the room and stuff. I thought the first day was good. It’s obviously a very high-pace tempo practice and lift. The skate was good and it was a good tempo on the scrimmage. A high pace because everyone was raring to go. Tonight, I don't know what I'll do yet. I think the meal's at the hotel, so I'll probably go there. And maybe, honestly I'm pretty tired, so I might just end up going to bed but maybe catch a movie today or tomorrow with some of the guys.

Wilson: Day 1

Monday, 07.09.12 / 3:00 PM / Development Camp Blog
By Tom Wilson

I flew in around 1:30 p.m. yesterday [Sunday] and it was pretty close to when we were supposed to be starting our fitness tests, so I just threw my stuff in my hotel room, grabbed my equipment and rushed right over here [Kettler Capitals Iceplex] to start the testing. It felt good to get right into everything.

It's funny because when I first went into my room there wasn't anyone else there, but later in the night Greg Miller, who played at Cornell, showed up. He got here a little bit late, but he seems like a really good guy and he's definitely one of my friends already this week. It's been cool to listen to him tell some of his stories from school; he’s got some interesting ones.

Today was the first day of camp and it's already really competitive. Everyone's playing at a high level because ultimately you’re playing for a job. It's been pretty busy and there's not a lot of time to get a rest or take a nap or anything, but it's worth it.

I'm not even sure what time it is now, camp kind of makes everything blur together, but I'm going to try and get that nap in before grabbing a bite to eat with the guys or maybe even watch a movie with Millsy [Miller] if we’re feeling up for it.